Vincent Sammy/Pierre Smit


Something Wicked Issue #10 – Illustrated by Vincent Sammy


Something Wicked Issue #10 – Illustrated by Pierre Smit

Both Vincent Sammy and Pierre Smit featured in almost every single issue of Something Wicked, going all the way back to SW#01, so it seemed fitting to close off our final print issue with a double cover from both artists.

Cape Town scenic artist, Pierre Smit, works in the film industry, allegedly to pay the bills and not, he claims, to throw paint at famous people. Pierre loves drawing, cats, other stuff and drawing cats and other stuff.

Vincent Sammy is a freelance illustrator working in the fields of horror, science fiction, fantasy, and the macabre.
He has provided artwork for magazines such as Something Wicked, Black Static, and Interzone, as well as for book publishers such as Jurrasic London and Doghorn. His artwork has been featured in the movie, Chronicle, and he has been nominated for an “Artist of the Year” award by the “This Is Horror” Awards for 2012 and 2013.
Watercolor is his preferred medium, but he also makes use of digital tools in post-production.
He has published the first issue of his hybrid-codex (a combination of illustration, sequential art, magazine design and layout, and prose/poetry) called Echo-Gear and plans to release the second issue this year.
He resides in Cape Town, South Africa, where he is preparing for the zombie apocalypse.

A selection of his art has been collected for the first time in a beautifully crafted, hardcover book, The Damage Museum, out now from SST Publications.


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