Pierre Smit

Something Wicked Issue 12 - Cover by Pierre Smit

Can you give us an idea of what goes into creating a cover like this?
ag..just imagine a guy drawing it, loving it, doubting it, frustrated, finishing it, liking it, but eyeing it suspiciously for unseen errors and hindsights and for trees instead of forests..

When working on Something Wicked covers we give you the story to read, but how do you decide which facet or section of the story to base your art on?
they really just pop in/up/out.. read the story.. i get 1 or 3 images.. first one is usually the best.. but then again.. doubt always sets in if you think too much.. but then again.. catch-22

As far as we’re concerned, you are the Zombie king, what is about zombies that you enjoy drawing?
the freedom..they are so theatrical.. and they don’t mind their appearance.. you can do what you want with them.. and they have such a goofy melancholy.. poignant, but free..

You’ve worked in the art dept of some major movies, (like Dredd 3D, Gallowwalker, Starship Troopers: Maruader). What does your work involve, and do you find this has helped hone your art?
..actually its more in the construction dept. ..scenics.. ..we paint stuff to look like other stuff.. or older stuff.. great fun.. get to make a mess all day long.. it has helped me on the path of the anti-pedantic.. freedom of action.. kak hours though..
What other types of illustrations do you do? (eg comics, adverts, graphic design)?
‘ve always been drawing for myself (and friends)..but something wicked was my first ‘other’ (thanks joe! 🙂 ..have done one book and some text book stuff.. lotsa fun actually.. hope to do lots more..

How do you start a piece?
maybe some thumbnails..then pencil
pen.. then ink.. or the other way around..
then whatever it tells me to..

What mediums do you work in? What is your favourite?
pencil, pen and ink and any type of paint/marker/thingy/block/tool on hand.. and some pc post work to tie it all together/have fun with/fix things..

Do you have a favourite subjects?
(any)things that don’t exist.. (well, at least not on/in this “plane/dimension/thingamabob/do-wicky” we call home).. you know what i mean..
(p.s. how do you spell ‘do-wicky’?)

What are you working on now?
just finished on ‘the borrowers’..sorry! ..i mean, project X..

Where can we find more of your work?
..um..well.. come visit.. 🙂
still don’t really have any e-place for my stuff..should probably get on to that.. 🙂
SomethingWicked has got my email if you’re serious.. or happy..


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