interview by Joe Vaz

Issue 12 (August 2011)


Where is home?

In a small, cozy house in Atlanta that I share with my wife, identical twin toddlers, and the friendliest dog in the world. We’re straight out of central casting.


Where did the idea for this story come from?

To be honest, this was a story that simply unfolded while writing. I had a vague idea of the setting, a rural town in the southeastern United States, the image of a lost and lonely man, and the intention to explore something strange. I challenged my subconscious to bring the weird and this is what came out.

I never outline, but usually have a general idea of the central theme and main plot points before beginning a new story; however, with this one I just pushed out into unchartered waters and trusted that I would reach dry land.


No Longer Alone seems to be a study in loneliness, is there a connection between the loneliness of the creature and Darrell?

If so, it’s two very different types of loneliness, almost antithetical aspects of it. Loneliness that is unwanted often leads to despair, as with Darrell. On the other hand, there is a nobility in acting alone, especially through acts of altruism, as with the creature. I would say the connection lies in the creature’s empathy for Darrell’s undesired isolation.


What is the creature in the forest?

Good question. Perhaps it is spawned from April’s spirit. Perhaps it is longing incarnate. It could be an altruistic alien or a mutant septic spore turned Good Samaritan. The reader’s speculations are as good as mine. It’s nice to know it’s out there, though.


The end seems to suggest that the creature seeks to help those in pain, or is this just how it procreates?

I think it helps ease suffering by any means necessary, offering offspring is simply one example.


Are you working on anything right now?

Yeah, I’m always either writing, editing, or obsessing over a story. All short fiction at the moment. The plan is to take on something longer by the beginning of next year, and complete it before the one after rolls around.


Where might we be able to read more of your work?

I track story sales, and ramble on occasion, at


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Joe Vaz

Joe Vaz is the founder and editor of Something Wicked, which occasionally affords him the honour and good fortune to hang out with really cool people.
In his other life he is a film and television actor who gets small parts in big movies, most recently in Dredd 3D, due to be released in September 2012.

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