interview by Joe Vaz

From Issue 14 (Oct 2011)

Where is home?
Sanbornton, New Hampshire, USA

Do you write full time?
No, only when I can’t help it.

What inspired this story?
My own children, and my love of Victorian-era explorer stories.

How did you develop the narrative voice? Where did this character come from?
She is, in some ways, myself. A woman longing to be free to go her own way, but tied to her husband by culture and protocol.

Did you have a clear idea of how the story would progress when you started writing it, or did it present itself in the process?
I knew how it would end when I started. The rest came as I went.

Do you have children of your own? How do you think this influenced the story?
I have four children, although I only had two when I wrote this story. They tend to color my writing because I am first a mother in life.

Have you written anything else within this story universe?
No, I haven’t revisited it.

Do you mostly write science fiction?
I prefer to write science fiction, but I’ve written fantasy and romance as well.

What authors inspire you?
I love Lois McMaster Bujold’s work. When I read that she’d taken fourteen years to finish her first novel, I thought “I can do that”.

Are you working on anything right now?
I’m writing a fantasy YA novel for my eldest daughter, about kittens and demi-gods.

Where might we find more of your work?
In the future I may self-publish, right now you are the first to have taken a chance on me.

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Joe Vaz

Joe Vaz is the founder and editor of Something Wicked, which occasionally affords him the honour and good fortune to hang out with really cool people.
In his other life he is a film and television actor who gets small parts in big movies, most recently in Dredd 3D, due to be released in September 2012.

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