Pierre Smit


Something Wicked Issue 16 - Illustrated by Pierre Smit



What’s your day job?
i work as a “scenic artist” for film and tv productions..

What’s the last thing you worked on?
..um.. oh, History of the World..

How long have you been painting?
..since i was like 10, or 8, i think?

What’s your favourite medium (oils, water-colour, pencils, digital)?
pen, pencil, ink, acrylic, anything else i can find that can be of use..

How did you come up with this piece?

i read the story, did some thumbnails..and then decided on one.. (it’s usually the first one anyway..)

Your art has featured in almost every single Something Wicked issue to date, if you can remember, what was your favourite piece to illustrate?

they were all fun..some did tend to flow out easier and/or unexpected..which makes it more fun..:)
one of my personal favourites, i always felt, were my drawings for “The Block,” back in um..SW#03..or the one for “Deadfellas” in SW#09.. but now it probably has to be ‘ANNA NIEMAND” (to cite someone else’s title for it), i did for the cover of SW#12..
i think she came out damn sexy.. (it’s all her though, not me..:)

Where can we find more of your work?
for now..on the something wicked website.. i still have to get around to start a page/site/place to post..


2 Responses to “Issue #16 – Artists Profile”

  • Your art is beautiful. Thank you so much for the gorgeous picture you did for my story.

    • prr:

      thank you ..and for the story.. so much one could have done.. it is an intriguing mythology(?).. and i so wanted to bring in more of the geography of the collapsing world..(falling skyscrapers, gaping sinkholes, etc.)
      and i like the undefined/elastic/subjective timeframe..but, hey..:)
      ..i am very happy you liked my little dot.. i loved drawing it.. 🙂