by Domyelle Rhyse






From Issue 16 (Dec 2011)

Ilkyia watched the starship arc upward, a brilliant star in the pre-dawn sky. She was fascinated by the ships of the dead, despite being only six years old. Three-year-old Reyna tugged at her hand, curious about everything but the ship above them. Their parents huddled protectively around them, keeping them close. Even though sparks of brilliant fire lit the entire city, Ilkyia imagined she knew exactly which one held her older sister.

“Daddy! There goes Misa!”

“Yes.” His rough, quiet voice carried over the thunder of the launch.

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Copyright © 2007 by Domyelle Rhyse

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Domyelle Rhyse

Domy (as she prefers to be called) started writing at the age of 10 and fell in love with fantasy when a fifth grade teacher read The Hobbit to the class. She started annoying friends with weird stories in high school but didn’t take her writing seriously until after earning a college degree and having a family that took pride in interrupting her every minute.

Her short stories and articles have appeared in several online and print magazines and anthologies, including Aoife’s Kiss, Beyond Centauri, Golden Visions, and Distant PassagesThe Best from Double-Edged Publishing Vol. 1. As an editor and an admin of Dreaming In Ink Writers Workshop, she’s had the honor of working with a number of authors whose work has been published by both small press and traditional publishers. Domy is the mother of four children and lives in Georgia with her chef husband, two of the kids, four cats, and a dog.

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