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by Domyelle Rhyse

Ilkyia watched the starship arc upward, a brilliant star in the pre-dawn sky. She was fascinated by the ships of the dead, despite being only six years old. Three-year-old Reyna tugged at her hand, curious about everything but the ship above them. Their parents huddled protectively around them, keeping them close. Even though sparks of brilliant fire lit the entire city, Ilkyia imagined she knew exactly which one held her older sister.

From Issue 16 (Dec 2011)
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Cover Art by Pierre Smit

Pierre Smit

one of my personal favourites, i always felt, were my drawings for "The Block," back in um..SW#03..or the one for "Deadfellas" in SW#09.. but now it probably has to be 'ANNA NIEMAND" (to cite someone else's title for it), i did for the cover of SW#12..
i think she came out damn sexy.. (it's all her though, not me..:)

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by Joe Vaz

Our first story for the month, (available on the 6th of Dec) is “God of Light”, by Domyelle Rhyse, in which a young girl attempts a last minute escape from a ritual ceremony. “Breathing Space” by Sheila Crosby (out 13th Dec), is our novelette for the month, a hard SF piece set on a mining vessel.

Next up (on the 20th of Dec) is our end-of-the-world piece for the month, “Pulse”, by Tom Jolly and we close of the issue, and the year, (on the 27th of Dec) with our cover story, a poignant look at how the other half live, in “Six Feet Above”, by Cate Gardner.

As promised, our feature interview this month is with the baddest-ass Mexi-Can ever, Mr. Danny Trejo.
Our book review this month is a year-end review of some of our story-editor, Vianne Venter's, favourite reads for the year with particular focus on Justin Cronin’s The Passage and Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion.

From Issue 16 (Dec 2011)
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