The 2012 Hugo Award nominations are in full swing. Eligibility details and nomination forms can be found here.
Below is a list of work that Something Wicked is eligible for.


Short Story (less than 7500 words)

The Silver City & The Green Place
– Abi Godsell
Alpha & Omega – Paul Marlowe
Happiest Among Mortals – Glen Damien Campbell
Herman’s Bad Seed – Damien Filer
The Treasons – AA Garrison
Watcher in The Corner – Michael Hodges
Mindflow – Cedar Sanderson
Six Feet Above – Cate Gardner
Pulse – Tom Jolly


Novellette (between 7500 and 17,500 words)

– Domenico Pisanti


Best Editor Short Form

Editor – Joe Vaz
Fiction Editor – Vianne Venter


Best Fan Writer

All Non-Fiction contributors


Best Fan Art

Vincent Sammy

Pierre Smit

Jesca Marisa

Hendrik Gericke


Best Semi-Prozine

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