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by Mel Odom

Even before Special Agent Thompson took the 8x10 photograph from inside his sleek briefcase, Emily Cooksey knew she had seen the man previously - eight days ago. “No.” She told the lie without inflection, without pause, just as she’d told the man her name was Mary Smith. She was good at lying and would be ashamed of it, if it weren’t so necessary in her life.

From Issue 17 (Dec 2011)
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The 2012 Hugo Award nominations are in full swing. Eligibility details and nomination forms can be found here.
Below is a list of work that Something Wicked is eligible for.


Short Story (less than 7500 words)

The Silver City & The Green Place
– Abi Godsell
Alpha & Omega – Paul Marlowe
Happiest Among Mortals – Glen Damien Campbell
Herman’s Bad Seed – Damien Filer
The Treasons – AA Garrison
Watcher in The Corner – Michael Hodges
Mindflow – Cedar Sanderson
Six Feet Above – Cate Gardner
Pulse – Tom Jolly


Novellette (between 7500 and 17,500 words)

– Domenico Pisanti


Best Editor Short Form

Editor – Joe Vaz
Fiction Editor – Vianne Venter


Best Fan Writer

All Non-Fiction contributors


Best Fan Art

Vincent Sammy

Pierre Smit

Jesca Marisa

Hendrik Gericke


Best Semi-Prozine

Cover Art by Vianne Venter

Vianne Venter

Joe has always loved this piece, so when he decided that come-hell-or-high-water he was going to use it for this cover, I attempted an overlay layer of butterfly images at short notice, though in the end we decided to go without it.

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by Joe Vaz

We’ve got a great bunch of original stories for you this issue. That’s right, four brand-new, never-before-seen stories, starting with She Can See Tomorrow Today, by Mel Odom, wherein a young woman negotiates for her freedom. Concerning Harmonies and Oceans by K.A. Dean, is about a young boy whose voice could change his family’s destiny. Genevieve Rose Taylor’s The Lighthouse is an intimate, nostalgic story set in a small coastal town.
And we close off the issue with Cat Hellison’s Jack of Spades, reversed, a wholly original SF/Fantasy trip.

Our feature interview this month is with both Charlie Human and Sam Wilson, two of the five South African authors featured in Pandemonium: Stories of The Apocalypse, which itself is reviewed in this issue by Karen Jeynes.

From Issue 17 (Dec 2011)
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