by Nick Wood





From Issue 18 (Feb 2012)

We are amongst the last of the last, the ‘do-not-dies’ as the dead now call us. They follow us, the dead do, whispering and pulling at our ears and hair. The other two don’t notice, although they do see and comment on the occasional cock of my head, as I listen without comprehension to dry and meaningless whispers from shadowy lips, the occasional repetition of that one phrase, all I can make out – ‘do-not-dies…’

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Nick Wood

Nick Wood is a South African clinical psychologist, currently living in London.

He has had short stories published in Albedo One, Interzone, Infinity Plus, PostScripts and The World SF Blog amongst others. He has also had a YA SF book published in South Africa, entitled ‘The Stone Chameleon.’  Nick is currently studying for an MA in SF/F (Creative Writing) at Middlesex University. He currently has a working draft of a South African alternative history novel, entitled ‘Azanian Bridges’, in which apartheid endures until ‘now’…

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One Response to “Of Hearts and Monkeys”

  • […] I have updated my SF in SA page with an article On Writing the Other which appeared in the February issue of the South African speculative fiction e-magazine, Something Wicked: SF in SA 15. This was co-written with Zandile Mahlasela, who helped evaluate my story Of Hearts and Monkeys, which is now freely available here. […]