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Cover Art by Pierre Smit

Pierre Smit

one of my personal favourites, i always felt, were my drawings for "The Block," back in um..SW#03..or the one for "Deadfellas" in SW#09.. but now it probably has to be 'ANNA NIEMAND" (to cite someone else's title for it), i did for the cover of SW#12..
i think she came out damn sexy.. (it's all her though, not me..:)

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by Joe Vaz

Firstly let me apologise for the lengthy silence. Things have come to pass in Something Wicked Land that we were hoping to avoid and have spent a good deal of the last 7 weeks trying to come up with alternatives, which, I think, we have.
Issue 20 will be available for sale as an e-Magazine eventually, as it is not actually finished yet. We will be releasing it slowly over the next few months, starting with the already mentioned “The Time Hangs Heavy”, by Angel Propps, on May 1st, followed by CS Fuqua’s “Demons”, Taylor Hanton’s “Lanchester Square” and Grey Freeman’s exquisite ghost story, “Promises”.
We also have an interview with Alastair Reynolds and review of his latest book, Blue Remembered Earth, which, as above, will be published in due time.
All of this and more, still coming, I just don’t know when.

Issue 20 (Apr 2012)
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