edited by Joe Vaz & Vianne Venter

Limited Edition ONLY 100 PRINTED White-Cover Anthology:
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“It is hard to find a body of work more darkly enjoyable than the twenty issues (to date) of Something Wicked magazine.
Something Wicked has an extraordinarily high hit rate. There’s a great combination of daring taste and excellent talent on display, making this an incredible collection of magazines.”

– Jared Shurin, Pornokitsch.com


Published by Inkless Media
PB 386 pages
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“Like a serial-killing zombie clown’s suitcase, the Something Wicked anthology is full of deliciously wicked surprises, packing more stellar stories into its pages than anyone has a right to expect. Guaranteed scares, superb illustrations and stunning production values from the doting godparent of South African shocks – don’t read after midnight, and don’t miss out.”
SL Grey, author of The Mall

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We’re only printing 100 copies of the Limited Edition, 24 are going to our writers, 33 to our campaign funders and 3 for us, so we only have 40 copies available!
Book ships 25 September.

Exclusive limited edition cover of Something Wicked volume one.
An eclectic blend of horror, science fiction and the fantastical.
24 tales from across the globe; Australia, New Zealand, Japan, England, Canada, the USA and South Africa.A blood-thirsty teddy bear, an alien trapped in a child, a lunch date between God and the Devil, orphaned zombie children, a bio-mechanical android,  a murder within a game, a small town’s age-old curse, a journey into darkest Africa and an ancient evil, an unorthodox exorcism, a sacrifice to the gods and a mourning generation ship.

The past, present, future and more in Something Wicked Volume One

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