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Edited by Joe Vaz & Vianne Venter

“Like a serial-killing zombie clown’s suitcase, the Something Wicked Anthology is full of deliciously wicked surprises, packing more stellar stories into its pages than anyone has a right to expect. Guaranteed scares, superb illustrations and stunning production values from the doting godparent of South African shocks – don’t read after midnight, and don’t miss out.”  

– SL Grey


“[Editors] Joe and Vianne are talent-spotters of writers and illustrators par excellence, and superb editors. Definite recommend!”

– Lauren Beukes, author of Zoo City


Published by Inkless Media
Paperback 386 pages
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by Vianne Venter

I first heard of phookas when I was a child, watching the Jimmy Stewart movie, Harvey, about a giant playful and invisible phooka. When I read about the phooka of lore, though, I learned it is a darker creature. Though it has a borderline malevolent personality, I wondered what would happen if pushed to the edge.

Issue 20 (Apr 2012)
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by C.S. Fuqua

The needle of light winks. Machinery rumbles, and he cowers against the dirt wall. Something brushes against his leg as a shadow scuttles into a corner. He kicks, and bone and flesh give way under his boot. He takes the rat into his hands and lifts the carcass to his lips, but then his shoulders sink. He drops his hands to his lap, weary of the struggle. The light winks again. The door rattles. This time he will make them shoot.

Issue 20 (Apr 2012)
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by Mark Sykes

The following is not a list of movies you must see before you die. If you were to accidentally electrocute yourself having not seen the full list, I really wouldn’t give a tinker’s cuss (nothing personal, you understand – although I might laugh a bit); neither would I come to your funeral and rave over your coffin as it was being lowered into the cold earth, brandishing the list and pointing to the ones you didn’t see. Anyway, since you’d actually be dead, you’d probably have bigger, not to mention otherworldly, fish to fry.
Let’s simply call this a list of great movies and shorts that I’ve enjoyed in the past, and would like to share; some I only saw once but never forgot, some I’ve seen over and over again without getting tired of them. So, in no particular order of preference:

Issue 20 (Apr 2012)
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