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review by Joe Vaz

Abi Godsell’s Idea War is magnificent.
I had the privilege of reading the first ten chapters of Abi Godsell’s sprawling Idea War series a few years ago, and it immediately grabbed my attention.
Idea War Vol One introduces us to a team of young rebels, fighting against an autocratic government that, in a not-too-distant future, has taken over the control of South Africa.
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by Joe Vaz

I arrived late at the game, only picking up The Colour of Magic in 1989, I think. It was soon followed by Light Fantastic and Equal Rites and so on and so forth. Over the last twenty six years a Discworld novel has been my companion across a myriad of significant memories. I remember reading Maskerade while rehearsing La Cage Aux Folles at the Johannesburg Civic Theatre, loving every second of being backstage in a massive theatre while reading about the backstage of a massive theatre in the Discworld.
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