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by Vianne Venter

It’s been a very good year for reading. Bizarrely, this is largely due to the birth of my daughter, which forced me to sit still for the first time in, well, my life really. Just about the only thing you can do with a baby sleeping on your lap is read – terrible, I know, but I bore my sentence bravely.

From Issue 16 (Oct 2011)
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interview by Joe Vaz

I panicked when Henrietta Rose-Innes released her excellent collection, ‘Homing’. I felt that if I didn’t get these guys down soon, then someone else was going to nab them. South Africa is rich that way, a repository of tall tales that haven’t been completely told. The loopholes are still many and varied. But they’re getting closed up as writers realise where they are.
Short stories feel truer, somehow: they’re a way to take the fragments of real life and work them into something satisfying – and that hardly ever happens in the chaos of the everyday.

From Issue 13 (Sept 2011)
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review by Joe Vaz

Published by Umuzi PB 144 pages RRP R150 (Kindle £1.49) The furniture is made for children. The parents I need to see are the ones who never come. Most of them are overly interested, clutching their handbags. 'Mister September,' they say, making my title - a common one on the Flats - sound like a caption from a calendar. Or, if they are men, are stepfathers, mustached and overbearing, smelling of the aftershave that announces them. They show their teeth and say, in a joke that is not a joke, 'You teachers. You have such nice lives. All those school holidays.' From Issue 13 (Sept 2011)
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Lounge of Horror A5 09-10-09Mami Wata
There’s something fishy in the dam…
Read live by Diane Awerbuck at The Lounge of Horror.
Recorded at The Book Lounge in Cape Town on the 23rd of October 2009.
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