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ApparitionsmEpisode #2: Originally Printed in Issue 2 – Summer 2007: Lencey is acting strange. Well stranger than usual, at least. He’s packed himself a ‘Vampire Slaying Toolkit’ and is planning to go hunting. But Vampires don’t exist, right…right? On The Road Again is written by Evan Morris and performed by Damon Berry.

Evan Morris is a full-time corporate drone who intends to become a full-time novelist, film-maker, poet, magician, indian rope trickster and rogue of the high seas. He lives in Centurion with his wife and two children and spends most of his spare time plotting their escape from quotidian reality, so far with only minor success.

His children have some promising ideas, though, and the whole family is committed to a life of high adventure involving, at the very least, balloon rides to the moon, aquatic jeopardy, and frequent swashbuckling. There might also be bodice-ripping and international intrigue in which the lives of billions hang in the balance. Possibly also a thousand elephants.

[audio:|titles=The Breeding Season by Evan Morris|artists= Damon Berry reads]