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Edited by Joe Vaz & Vianne Venter

“Like a serial-killing zombie clown’s suitcase, the Something Wicked Anthology is full of deliciously wicked surprises, packing more stellar stories into its pages than anyone has a right to expect. Guaranteed scares, superb illustrations and stunning production values from the doting godparent of South African shocks – don’t read after midnight, and don’t miss out.”  

– SL Grey


“[Editors] Joe and Vianne are talent-spotters of writers and illustrators par excellence, and superb editors. Definite recommend!”

– Lauren Beukes, author of Zoo City


Published by Inkless Media
Paperback 386 pages
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edited by Joe Vaz & Vianne Venter

Limited Edition White-Cover Anthology: Order Yours Now.  

"It is hard to find a body of work more darkly enjoyable than the twenty issues (to date) of Something Wicked magazine. ...Something Wicked has an extraordinarily high hit rate. There's a great combination of daring taste and excellent talent on display, making this an incredible collection of magazines."

- Jared Shurin,

  Published by Inkless Media PB 386 pages Pre-Order Now!
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interview by Joe Vaz

the greatest reading experience I could imagine having would be to read a collaboration story written by Woody Allen and HP Lovecraft. A fractious working relationship that undoubtedly would have been, but I can't help but imagine that it would have produced something amazing.

Cover Art by Vincent Sammy From Issue 12 (August 2011)
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by Glen Damien Campbell

Thomas Delaney was a hack writer. He knew it and was admirably unashamed of it. The movies he penned and directed were B-grade schlock horror, the type of movies that had desensitised him as a child, the type of movies he loved; cliché ridden, lascivious and cheap. Tom’s own credits in the field included the titles Die Die Dracula, I Was a Teenage Mummy and The Blood of the Virgin, creature features abounding with lusty vampiric femme fatales, their heaving bosoms bound up in gauze nightgowns, with London’s Beckenham Place Park moonlighting as the Carpathian forests.

Cover Art by Vincent Sammy From Issue 12 (August 2011)
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