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by R.W.W. Greene

A lot of people cheered when our space plane docked with the Sam Walton but I wasn’t in the mood. The ride up was terrible. First I felt squashed, then I felt like I was falling, then I just wanted to puke. The flight attendant had handed out anti-nausea gum before we took off, but people were throwing up all around me. A couple of rows back, someone missed the barf bag and vomit bubbles floated by my head. The attendant captured it with a net. Gross.

Issue 19 (Mar 2012)
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Cover Art by Hendrik Gericke

Hendrik Gericke

I recently got turned down for a sci-fi concept art gig, because I didn't have enough of that kind of thing in my portfolio. It's annoying, because I love sci-fi, yet in concept art it's been done to death and I tend to go the opposite direction to the general norm. So I took this as the gauntlet that had been thrown down and jumped at the chance to get stuck in. A massive inspiration of mine is the painter John Harris, who has done a lot of covers for Tor Books (they have an amazing stable of artists), and I definitely took cues from him. I wanted to relate the sense of scale between the craft and the planet, giving it a telephoto feel.

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by Joe Vaz

Our March issue comes at you with four original stories, one SF and three horrors.
We start off with some good advice in ‘It Pays to Read the Safety Cards’ by R.W.W. Greene on the 6th of March.
Chris Steven’s twisted story, ‘Stained’ will be posted on the 13th of March. On the 20th of March comes Peter Damien’s ‘Ghost Love Score’, and we close off the issue with Nick Scorza’s ‘The Book of Love’.
Our interview for March is with South African television and film actor, Brandon Auret, who has just come off the new Niell Blomkampf (District 9) film.
Together with Mark Sykes’s Sixth Sense of Humour, this completes our issue for this month.
If you just cannot wait to read all the stories then why not purchase the magazine now, or take out a subscription through Weightless Books?
Issue 19 (Mar 2012)
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