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review by Sarah Lotz

Published by Generation Next Publications PB 258 pages RRP R150 (Kindle £2.14 My father's funeral had been that morning, and Kevin thought a night out would be the best way to take my mind off how he'd died. It hadn't helped. All I could think about was that I hadn't been able to say good-bye or tell him that I loved him. I couldn't even get drunk and forget about it. I couldn't pretend that I was okay and put on a happy face for the sake of Kevin and his friends. As a result we cut the night short, which irritated Kevin's friends and I was once again the party pooper. Kevin had been gone for what seemed like a few seconds when everything that I knew and trusted in my life changed forever. From Issue 14 (Oct 2011)
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interview by Joe Vaz

There were times when I was writing it, when I'd look at what I'd just written and think: I can't believe I just wrote that. They're going to crucify me for this. You're not supposed to say things like this, let alone write them. But then I realised that if I did tone it down or censor it that I would be a coward and that I would be cheating the story. I think that it's important to be true to the story and that as a writer, it's my job to push boundaries and explore those taboo subjects.

From Issue 14 (Oct 2011)
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