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Edited by Joe Vaz & Vianne Venter

“Like a serial-killing zombie clown’s suitcase, the Something Wicked Anthology is full of deliciously wicked surprises, packing more stellar stories into its pages than anyone has a right to expect. Guaranteed scares, superb illustrations and stunning production values from the doting godparent of South African shocks – don’t read after midnight, and don’t miss out.”  

– SL Grey


“[Editors] Joe and Vianne are talent-spotters of writers and illustrators par excellence, and superb editors. Definite recommend!”

– Lauren Beukes, author of Zoo City


Published by Inkless Media
Paperback 386 pages
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edited by Joe Vaz & Vianne Venter

Limited Edition White-Cover Anthology: Order Yours Now.  

"It is hard to find a body of work more darkly enjoyable than the twenty issues (to date) of Something Wicked magazine. ...Something Wicked has an extraordinarily high hit rate. There's a great combination of daring taste and excellent talent on display, making this an incredible collection of magazines."

- Jared Shurin,

  Published by Inkless Media PB 386 pages Pre-Order Now!
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interview by Joe Vaz

Driving from Glacier National Park, Montana to Chicago takes a long time (1,500 miles). In the ebb and flow of the road, a writer has an opportunity to brainstorm. I was listening to the Art Bell radio program (a special about ghosts) when the idea came to me. I was pumped on four cups of McDonald’s coffee, listening to these callers share their real life ghost stories, and it all seemed so sad.

From Issue 14 (Oct 2011)
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by Michael Hodges

I eat words. I don’t know why. I hang in the corners of this old and meticulous house by unseen hooks or latches. The words come to me from the mouths of the family and their visitors. The words of the adults come out grey, brown and black; the words of the young rise to me in reds, greens and blues. I swallow them all, and each time I do, something inside me grows. I know not what it is, only that I receive energy from this action.

From Issue 14 (Oct 2011)
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