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Inkless Media & eKhaya present the Something Wicked Anthology of Speculative Fiction, Volume Two.
We are delighted to announce that eKhaya will be co-publishing the Something Wicked Anthology of Speculative Fiction, Volume Two with Joe Vaz and Vianne Venter at Inkless Media. Joe and Vianne have been tireless nurturers of South African and international genre talent for years, and are thrilled to have eKhaya lend their support to this anthology.


The awesome cover art has been illustrated by celebrated South African artist, Vincent Sammy, a Something Wicked stalwart.

Volume Two marks the official transition of Something Wicked from magazine to annual anthology, featuring 25 brand new stories by writers from South Africa and abroad; seasoned veterans and first-timers brought together in a single book containing tales of post-apocalyptic dystopias, alternate realities, far-future science fiction and good old-fashioned blood-chilling horror, edited and compiled by the doting godparents of South African genre fiction, Joe Vaz and Vianne Venter. Let your mind wander across distant galaxies, down darkened alleys, and across oceans of floating cities and let Something Wicked be your guide.
Let the journey begin. “Joe and Vianne are talent-spotters … par excellence.” – Lauren Beukes

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Published by eKhaya & Inkless Media
Paperback: 388 pages

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interview by Vianne Venter

This story came out of a love of Lovecraft and Arthur Machen -- especially Machen, in this case. Machen's stories and novels are some of the most wonderful and terrifying out there, I think, but one thing that bothers me in some of them is a sense of female characters as both victims and objects of horror. I wanted to write a story that both paid homage to everything I love about Machen and addressed or turned the tables on this issue a bit. The story also came out of a lot of broader thinking I'd been doing about love and relationships.

Issue 19 (Mar 2012)
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by Nick Scorza

It is all because of the book, that accursed book I came across in my employ as a dealer in antiquities. I did not choose the profession, but rather awoke to find myself immersed in it – being something of an antiquity myself, even as a young man. I loved all old things, whether from the past century or the past millennium. I was mad for them, but books I prized above all else. Is there anything more wonderful than a book? It is a treasure trove – the wealth and wisdom of the dead preserved for the living as no hoary pharaoh could have hoped for. In books I sought the same commune with things greater than myself that others sought from the church. To me, any book was a bible.

Issue 19 (Mar 2012)
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