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Khepera Rising
Trying times for South Africa’s wickedest man.

Read live by Nerine Dorman at The Lounge of Horror.

Recorded at The Book Lounge in Cape Town on the 23rd of October 2009.

In Association with HorrorFest V ( and Something Wicked SF and Horror Magazine (
Mechanical Rights 2009 by Something Wicked and Inkless Media
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Flamedrop Productions, in association with Something Wicked, took the opportunity to hook up a special release-day screening of DISTRICT 9 with cast and crew present, a Q and A followed the show (at the independent Labia Theatre in Cape Town).

Joe Vaz, editor of Something Wicked, was on board to interview actors Jason Cope and Vanessa Haywood, as well as supervising producer Michael Murphey before an eager audience, covering everything from character, special FX, blowing stuff up and the movie’s theme, to shooting in South Africa, the director, and much more.
Special Q and A screening produced by Paul Blom and Sonja Ruppersberg for Flamedrop Productions.
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scan3pEpisode #3: Originally Printed in Issue 4 – Winter 2007:

Damon and Shane have a job to do, but one more beer won’t hurt. The streets are thronged with people, harmlessly going about their business… but night time is a-coming.

Night Time is a-Coming is written by Werner Pretorius and performed by Joe Vaz. Werner Pretorius was born in Pretoria in 1979, he holds degrees in Publishing and English from the University of Pretoria and is completing his Masters in Creative Writing at the University of Cape Town.

He is a part-time scriptwriter, a crack addict and has been to the moon, four times (Most of this is true.)

[audio:|titles=Night Time is-a-Coming by Werner Pretorius|artists=Joe Vaz reads]

ApparitionsmEpisode #2: Originally Printed in Issue 2 – Summer 2007: Lencey is acting strange. Well stranger than usual, at least. He’s packed himself a ‘Vampire Slaying Toolkit’ and is planning to go hunting. But Vampires don’t exist, right…right? On The Road Again is written by Evan Morris and performed by Damon Berry.

Evan Morris is a full-time corporate drone who intends to become a full-time novelist, film-maker, poet, magician, indian rope trickster and rogue of the high seas. He lives in Centurion with his wife and two children and spends most of his spare time plotting their escape from quotidian reality, so far with only minor success.

His children have some promising ideas, though, and the whole family is committed to a life of high adventure involving, at the very least, balloon rides to the moon, aquatic jeopardy, and frequent swashbuckling. There might also be bodice-ripping and international intrigue in which the lives of billions hang in the balance. Possibly also a thousand elephants.

[audio:|titles=The Breeding Season by Evan Morris|artists= Damon Berry reads]


Episode #1: Originally Printed in Issue 2 – Summer 2007: When Klippies Oosthuizen starts his routine journey from coast-to-coast across the South African plains to deliver a generator to a film set in Namibia, he has no idea what is in store for him. On The Road Again written and performed by Digby C. Young.

A retired Cinematographer, Digby Young started out as Principal Film Cameraman for the then brand new SABC.He’s co-written several TV series while directing hundreds of TV commercials. Digby now tends the fires of guerrilla filmmaking with keen young actors and directors, or holes up in his lair to write at ‘the clunker’.

[audio:|titles=On The Road Again by Digby C Young|artists= Digby C Young reads]