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review by Vianne Venter

Published by Angry Robot/Jacana PB 384pages RRP £7.99 (Kindle £3.59) buy from  In Zoo City, it’s impolite to ask. Morning light the sulphur colour of the mine dumps seeps across Johannesburg’s skyline and sears through my window. My own personal bat signal. Or a reminder that I really need to get curtains. Shielding my eyes – morning has broken and there’s no picking up the pieces – I yank back the sheet and peel out of bed. Benoît doesn’t so much as stir, with only his calloused feet sticking out from under the duvet like knots of driftwood. Feet like that, they tell a story. They say he walked all the way from Kinshasa with his Mongoose strapped to his chest. From Issue 12 (August 2011)
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