Episode 5: The Resident Member by Paul Marlowe

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Poster Illustrated by Vincent Sammy

The Resident Member – A Radio Play
Written by Paul Marlowe
Adapted for Radio and Directed by Digby Young
On any given day, the intrepid members of the Etheric Explorers Club can be found frustrating prophesies, wrestling with ancient evils, and generally striding boldly down the dark alleys of life, in order to fill in those portions of man’s map of reality that are, perhaps, better left blank. As with any club, though, there are always members who stay behind so as not to miss a second helping of pudding. This is their story.
Starring Gideon Emery, Joe Vaz, Digby Young, Damon Berry and Christa Schamberger Young.

Final Mix by Simon “Fuzzy” Ratcliffe at Sound and Motion Studios in Cape Town
Originally Published in Something Wicked Issue 7
© 2009 by Paul Marlowe, Digby Young and Something Wicked


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Paul Marlowe (writer)

Paul Marlowe (www.paulmarlowe.com) is a writer of speculative fiction. His work has been published in North America, Europe, Australia, and Africa, and though he’s working on getting into print in Antarctica next, so far they’re not returning his calls. Ever since his first story, Airship Voyages Made Easy was a finalist in a competition run by Indigo, Canada’s largest book chain, he has stoutly resisted urges to put his characters into Zeppelins again, except for one occasion in which he had some dirigibles terraforming the atmosphere of Venus.

Lichfield played by Gideon Emery
After graduating from WITS Gideon began what was to become a prolific voice career on both radio and TV. He went on to win a Gold Craft Award for voice-over at the Loerie Advertising Awards.

Gideon has acted in a number of stage productions, including the hit Certified Male, the acapella sensation Not the Midnight Mass, and record-breaking farce Heel Against the Head, by South Africa’s pre-eminent playwright Paul Slabolepszy. This performance won him the national Vita Award for Comedy.

Since relocating to Los Angeles, he has lent his voice to dozens of video game characters, most notably Final Fantasy’s sky pirate Balthier, along with voice work for Disney and LucasArts. Gideon has guest starred on such shows as 24, CSI:NY and Moonlight. Film appearances include Primeval for Hollywood Pictures, Lionsgate’s Train and the upcoming Takers for Screen Gems.

Cuthbertson played by Joe Vaz
Joe’s acting career has been long and varied. He started out in Musical Theatre performing in Joseph, California Dreamin’, Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story and many others.

From ’95 to ’97 Joe voiced and puppeteered the lead character, Mr Chinwag, in the award-winning children’s show Kideo. He was also the voice of Cheesy Cheddar Cat and Bac (alongside Bruce Miller’s Teria) in the English version of the hit show Mina Moo.

In film Joe has hunted down Sam Elliot and been insulted by Timothy Hutton in Avenger, been a wheelchair bound anti-war activist in Starship Troopers: Marauder, was stabbed in the back 12 000 years ago in Roland Emmerich’s 10 000BC and directed Hildegaard Knef in her first Hollywood picture in Hilde. Most recently he has been chasing vampires with a camera as Claus in The Lost Boys: The Thirst

On TV he has played many disturbed, angry or loony Portuguese shop-owners as well as voicing dozens of commercials on both television and radio.

Milford played by Digby Young
Digby is a seasoned director of both narrative television and commercials.
He has worked alongside his wife Christa as technical assistant for her casting agency for over a decade.

He made his television debut in 2006 in an episode of Discovery Channel’s I Shouldn’t Be Alive, and a guest role in Jozi H.

Selkirk played by Damon Berry
Damon Berry is a versatile voice artist, actor and writer.
He has been behind the microphone for twelve years, doing numerous radio / television / corporate reads and various radio drama character work. He is the lead voice in the upcoming South African animated feature film Jock, based on the legendary South African story Jock of the Bushveld. He also performs the lovable character of Neno in the award-winning educational TV and radio series Takalani Sesame.

Miss Bronwyn Griggs played by Christa Schamberger-Young
Christa is an Independent casting director, based in Johannesburg. She has taught drama and movement at primary and high school level, Technikons, Colleges and the University of Durban-Westville before running two drama and dance studios in Durban and Pietermaritzburg.

Christa joined the film industry in 1985, gaining experience in the production office as well as on set as an A.D.

In 1987 Christa was established as South Africa’s leading freelance casting director for features and television drama as well as occasional performance Commercials.

Some special projects she has worked on include: exploratory casting for Harry Potter, looking for the beautiful Helen of Troy for Trojan War as well as two of the James Bond features; She has worked as a dialogue coach for Kathy Bates for the film of Athol Fugard’s The Road To Mecca; and scoured Southern Africa for the Bushman in Disney / Amblin’s A Far Off Place.

Most recently Christa was nominated for an Emmy for her work on HBO series Generation Kill and was the South African casting director on Clint Eastwood’s Invictus.

Final Mix by Simon ‘Fuzzy’ Radcliffe at Sound & Motion Studios, Cape Town.
Simon’s work has won him four SAMA nominations and one win. He has also been nominated (and won a few times) at the Loeries, Fleur De Cap, Vita, Blunt, Apollo Film Festival, Cannes, and Sithengi awards.
He was also the bassist for legendary SA band Lark.


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